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StrongHold Mode, PLEASE READ NAO!
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Author:  Ulfarr [ Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: StrongHold Mode, PLEASE READ NAO!

bongman66 wrote:
- A DC has to ACTIVATE a Reserve for a duration. It costs IR from that structure so it will need to be "topped" up with new IR.
So from our experience on Monday, all Parf did was PREPARE the Reserve so the bonuses were not available anyway.

If the above is correct, prepping can be done by a DC say in the morning but a DC needs to be around/online to ACTIVATE if a skirmish does take place. So if I FC a skirmish without say Parf to activate, all we will do is earn IR and no extras.

It costs IR to prepare, there are no activation costs, that I know of, so as long as it has been prepared you can activate them even with 0 IR in the building. (if I understood correctly what you meant)

The bonus we used on Monday has been prepared a couple of weeks before by Skud. Path just activated it when we were doing SH.

In theory each building can store up to 10 "reserves", so if we have enough IR we can prepare them in bulk but it will need a day or so to prepare them. That gives us the choice to keep a stock of them and activate them whenever we want. Still we will need a Deputy to activate them each time.

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