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Author:  we_just_dinged_em [ Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:15 pm ]

Since I formed this clan in early 2013, it's grown beyond my expectations (which were bloody low TBH) to become a recognised community within World of Tanks. Therefore, I have decided to write a set of rules/guidelines which must be followed by all clan members. I'm hoping this will give the clan a common goal and help out people looking at recruiting members.

They aren't particularly onerous, but nonetheless people not following said rules will be warned, warned again, then kicked (I like kicking people)

General Rules

1. At no time are you to flame or be disrespectful to any member of WJDE or T-D-U, on the forum, in game or in clan chat etc. Troll random bobs (and WG) all you like but there will be zero tolerance on raging against fellow community members (just ask Jackolas what happened to him). Trolling Path (bot) or Dr SpuriousMonkey is fine. Using Rusty as a sacrificial piece of armour in your platoon is also fine.

2. Join the WJDE shared channel whenever you are online. For those who don't know what it is, it's a shared channel between the clans so we can do join platoons, TC etc. People found online but not in the channel will be reminded, repeat offenders may face sanctions up to and including being kicked from the clan.

3. Team Speak and WJDE channel details are NOT to be given out to non-clan members without the permission of myself or one of the deputy commanders. If you want a guest in TS or our channel they are more than welcome but YOU are responsible (as their sponsor) for their behaviour.

4. Racism of any kind is not tolerated, if I see evidence of any form of racism, you will be kicked, simples. To clarify: 'Sperma PL' is not racist. 'Die Juden scum' is - get it? Real life threats are taken extremely serious and if evidence is found - will result in instaboot from the clan.

5. Forum membership is strongly encouraged. People who haven't joined the forum will not be able to claim ignorance of the rules. Can all deputy commanders and recruiters remind people of the forum (and especially these rules) when they join the clan please.

6. When in TC, CW, 7/42 etc, I expect you to follow the orders of the field commander at all times (unless you are doing a random free for all). Repeat offenders will feel my wrath.


The following are minimum clan requirements (there is some flexibility but bear these in mind)

1. Minimum 1000 battles

2. Age 18+ (younger members can join if they show mature outlook, but beware our language is 'colourful')

3. No minimum stat requirements, but 30k battles 400 WN8 bots need not apply

4, No clan hoppers (by that I mean people who have been in 25 clans in the last year - easy to spot)

5. No history of being an asshole (if any of the established clan members have history with you this will be taken into account when assessing your application)

6. No people with better stats than me without my express approval.

7. Anyone I dislike may be kicked without warning and with no reason given.

In all cases the decision of the deputy commanders/recruiters is final, with me as the arbiter if required.

Finally, please note that attractive women are no subject to any of the above. Attractiveness will be assessed by WJDE using naked pictures if available. Rustys opinion on 'attractive' does NOT count.

Author:  we_just_dinged_em [ Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CLAN RULES (ALL MUST READ)

Rules updated.

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